Tripartite Agreement Nfcc

Among the 14 additional work areas of the tripartite agreement are front-line assembly of disposable panels for care and care staff, packaging/repackaging of food stocks for vulnerable people, movement of patients to and overnight hospitalizations, assistance in taking samples for COVID 19 antigen tests, driving ambulance transports without blue light, driving instructions, masks for the NHS and P ersonal clinic on the front line, providing PSA and other medical aids, supporting rescue services to driving and assisting patients/ambulances, moving the deceased and supporting the most vulnerable through deliveries. Congress notes that the response of firefighters and rescue services to the Covid 19 pandemic has been uniquely managed by the UK tripartite agreement between the FBU, national employers of firefighters and Chief Fire Officers (NFCC). On 26 March 2020, the National Employers Fire Brigades, the Union of Fire Brigades and the National Fire Chiefs Council reached an agreement that, together with the National Joint Council, provided firefighters and rescue services with 14 additional areas of work to address the challenges of the Covid 19 crisis. Congress notes that the agreement provides for risk assessments and the role of security officials in ensuring the risks of all work performed. This has resulted in lower rates of absenteeism and infection of firefighters. The discussions provided an examined the results and experiences of the past two months….