Collective Labour Agreement Metalektro

Our CAs are concluded between the FME and the unions FNV Bondgenoten, CNV Vakmensen, De Unie and VHP2. They are industry-based and indicate exactly which employers and forms of work fall within their scope (“werkingssfeer”). The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment has extended this scope to the entire sector. This means that employers and workers who do not belong to either party to the agreement must also comply with it. ASML wants to have its own collective agreement and withdraw from the Metalektro sectoral agreement. With several hundred employees, the company discusses the conditions. While the FNV Metaal and CNV unions do not agree with the plan, De Unie supports it. We have concluded a metalelektro collective agreement for you. We have had several actions and strikes over the past eight months to achieve this. February 2019 in Tripodia: Hoornesplein 155 in Katwijk.- The first meeting will take place from 13:30 to 14:15;- the second will take place at 15:00 until 17:00.

The result is as follows: according to an ASML spokesman, the concerns of the FNV and the CNV are premature, reports the local newspaper Eindhovens Dagblad. At an informal meeting, the company informed the unions that an independent agreement was still being worked out with FNV, CNV, De Unie and VHP2. These discussions would begin after metalektro`s permission to withdraw. Arjan Huizinga, a member of CNV`s board of directors, fears that ASML`s withdrawal could devalue the sector agreement. “It gives way to performance-based compensation, a direction we don`t want to go in. There is already room for gaps.