Ariba Master Agreement

Say goodbye to misplaced and mismanaged paper contracts, risks and lost savings. With SAP Ariba`s contract management software, you can eliminate paper and ink when creating, executing, and managing any type of contractual agreements. Each contractual hierarchy begins with a single framework contract. This is the main element of the first level of sub-admissions in its hierarchy. When a stand-alone contract is added to a contractual hierarchy as a sub-agreement, all pre-release orders or cross-invoice amounts are accumulated in the higher agreement, as long as the battery settings are so settled in the contracts. 3. Mandatory fees. For more information about using a standard account versus a corporate account and the different subscription levels available, see the Program Overview page under If you specify a sub-agreement, you must choose an authorized contract as the superior agreement. The senior management agreement can be at the top of a contractual hierarchy or other sub-agreement, and it must be in the same partition or be a global contract.

G. Access to risk scores by D&B. Ariba Discovery Site may allow you to link certain financial risk scores belonging to Dun & Bradstreet (“D&B”) to your business and display them on your profile within the Ariba network. The link to your financial risk scores and D&B data (“D&B Data”) is strictly linked to your consent to the terms set forth herein (“D&B Terms”). Your connection with the D&B Data is your unequivocal acceptance of each condition in the D&B Terms. If you do not agree with the D&B Terms, you agree not to access D&B Data through the Ariba Discovery website. . .