Traducir This Agreement Shall Be Governed By

You and Spotify agree that any disputes, complaints or controversies that arise between you and Spotify in connection with these agreements or their relationship with Spotify as a user of the service (whether based on a contract, wrongful act, law, misrepresentation or other legal theory and that claims occur during or after the termination of contracts) are determined by a mandatory (unclassified) individual arbitration procedure. You and Spotify also agree that the arbitrator has the exclusive power to rule on its own jurisdiction, including any objections to the existence, scope or validity of the arbitration agreement or the ability to arbitrate a claim or counterclaim. Arbitration is more informal than legal action. THERE IS NO JUDGE OR JURY IN ARBITRATION, AND THE COURT REVIEWING AN ARBITRATION AWARD IS LIMITED. There may be a more limited discovery than in court. The arbitrator must follow this agreement and may award the same damages and facilities as a court (including legal fees), except that the arbitrator cannot grant any ease, including declaratory relief or relief that benefits everyone except the parties to the arbitration. This arbitration provision will last for the termination of the agreements. They agree to comply with all applicable export and export control and re-export laws and regulations, including EAR, trade and economic sanctions maintained by OFAC and ITAR. In particular, you agree not to be allowed to sell, directly or indirectly, products, software or technologies (including products from Spotify or based on this technology), to sell, export, export, re-export, transfer, redraw or otherwise, directly or indirectly, without the required prior authorization by the relevant government authorities, as required by these laws and regulations.

However, please note that some aspects of your use of the Spotify service may be settled by additional agreements.