Steam Workshop Agreement

Would you be willing to publish his interpretation of the “User Generated Content” section of the CLA? I am simply asking because it would be nice to have the advice of a lawyer instead of asking what that agreement means. Well, the concern is that, as I refuse to use the “service,” others will do so on my behalf without my knowledge. Valve can then claim rights to my intellectual property without my consent/knowledge. Now IF I discover that I valve and the idiot who downloaded it for my rights, but its me who must fight to be recognized as the author and owner of the IP. And if Valve doesn`t recognize anything, what do I have to do to “give back” my IP and my rights? It`s about investing time and effort to prove that something is first and foremost mine. Because I hate it when something is defined within my reach by prejudice, not by real worry. You don`t trust user agreements and don`t want to download files to Steam – okay, your call. The fact that Armaholic does not have such clauses means a possibility of problems for Armaholic itself – because the user does not sign an agreement, Armaholic does an illegal thing by publishing the files. You have to make up for your posture. Either you take care of legal affairs, then community sites are not an option for you because you do not have an agreement and therefore no legal protection – Armaholic “steals” already your work.

Or you don`t care, then you don`t care what you use. I don`t have a written copy to post, I`d like to do it. We had a personal licensing meeting in October (?) regarding my 3D asset creation activities; While I asked him to take a look at the Steam agreement and the workshop agreement. His view was that the first, “was a fantastic way to generate money” this comment was regarding the fact that you don`t really own something you just “buy” the right to play the games through their service. Break their rules and all the games you`ve got are gone. That`s right, this deal did you exactly 0 things to do. I have to thank you, you`re not doing anything for me. right? No. But these usually offer a service that you might not get elsewhere, so there are exclusive personal benefits to conclude the deal.

But you should also recognize that the license I signed for 1 and 1 is different from the SWS agreement. As I pay 1 and 1 for accommodation services, I have rights. I don`t have any clauses that say they can use the actual content I download. You can only use the statistics of my downloaded content. Access statistics, size, type, etc. In a way, I don`t think 1and1 will use my addons to promote their hosting… 😛 Tends to be the use of the words “irrevocable right” that bothers people. No one thinks that valve will use the content of the workshop as if it were their own IP, but it`s nice to be able to withdraw support if you find objections to something or just later decide that Steam is not the way to walk for other reasons (this may be caused by the community, not by Valve itself). And more precisely, at the agreement of the workshop, that he was “fit to make the proverbial agreement with the devil.” – His direct quote was “Between the two chords, they have you, whatever you do.” He went further and said, “If you signed this agreement, you could also give your models and artworks and send them on a DVD.

Whatever you think is their intention, they could potentially do whatever they like with your content. No, where does she say what she wants. Thank you very much for posting this, the constant moans about the steam shop me off, because it is a serious case of people misinformed by word of mouth instead of forbidding God from reading the ACU.