Month To Month Rental Agreement Quebec

In the event of a disagreement between the tenant and the landlord, one of the two parties should apply to the Housing Regue. Neither the landlord nor the tenant can act, such as the attempt to forcibly dislodge a tenant without a court order. But a new landlord who wants to divide, demolish or expand the rental unit, or change its use, can normally require a tenant to leave. The new owner may also take over the device to live or house some members of his family. In these situations, the tenant may be entitled to compensation with money. For more information, see our article Repossession of an Apartment or Eviction. ยท All permanent rental/rental spaces, including rooms; Mobile-homes on chassis, with or without permanent location; and land for the placement of a mobile home 1 to 2 months prior to the proposed modification of the lease In the notice of amendment, the lessor must inform the tenant of his right to refuse in writing the proposed changes to the lease within 1 month of Dernot. After receiving the tenant`s written refusal, the landlord has 1 month from the receipt of the act of objection to take new conditions with the Housing Authority. If the landlord does not apply to the Housing Authority, the rental agreement is renewed on the same terms and conditions.

(Articles 1945 and 1947 Civil Code of Quebec) For these leases, the lease rules do not apply: after receiving a notice of change of the lease, you have one month to take one of the following steps: The court makes its decision in writing and sends it to the parties. The new rent and arrears owed since the beginning of the renewed lease term must be paid at the end of a one-month period from the date of the decision. When a tenant moves to a rent-low apartment; A landlord wishing to recover a dwelling must inform the taker at least six months before the expiry of the tenancy agreement in the event of a fixed lease of more than six months; If the term of the lease is less than or equal to six months, the notice period is one month.