Avanci Announces New Patent License Agreement With Volvo Cars

Traditionally, automotive companies should spend money on research and development to develop new technologies. If they wanted a patented technology, they would have to go to the patent holder and buy it from him. Avanci serves as a bridge between patent holders and companies. As a result, companies can access a number of innovations and patent holders can access a number of companies. Companies can provide feedback to patent holders who can continue to work on their innovations to make them more compatible with real-world situations. The problems with which it is said that a car manufacturer may be different from that of a truck manufacturer; This will give patent holders the opportunity to identify their innovations on certain types of automobiles, opening up new sectors for their innovations. “We are very pleased to have Volvo Cars, one of the world`s best-known and most prestigious automotive brands and a leader in connectivity, as a licensee,” said Kasim Alfalahi, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Avanci. “This agreement continues a very successful 2019 for Avanci, when overall participation in our licensing market has doubled. The simplicity, efficiency and predictability of our one-stop shop solution increases dramatically with each new participant, so that licensees and patent holders can largely share today`s technology and develop the technology of the future. Avanci announces a new patent licensing agreement with Volvo Cars and brings to 14 the total number of car brands granted in Avanci Square. Alexandra Elliott, Avanci`s Director of Marketing and Communications media@avanci.com a founding member of Avanci since 2016, InterDigital and its industry leaders, in collaboration with industry leaders, provide its portfolio of standard 3G and 4G patents to innovators and manufacturers across the IoT ecosystem with a simple intermediate solution. Avanci`s agreement with Volvo Cars offers new opportunities for the connected car ecosystem and brings the number of licensed car brands on the market to 14. In return, Volvo Cars obtains licenses for the main 2G, 3G and 4G patents, which have been granted by the other 35 players in the InterDigital and Avanci market, as well as future contributors.